MARUSUN INC. main factory is located in the central of JAPAN. The location surrounded by Mt.Fuji and the ocean will surely be a memorable occasion for you.
We develops high performance stamping tools that accurately responded to customer's request.
Since 1956, we have been creating many expert toolmakers,which is the source of our company continuing to create valuable tools.
2000tons, or 3 units of 2500tons mechanical press are available, support for high quality tools development.
We cover the entire tool making process and satisfy our customers expectations up to mass-production.
Our own technology is built into every tool. As a specialist, as a expert toolmaker,As a made-in-Japan brand,
when it comes to producing outer panel or complex structural parts,or,
Advanced material or forming technology such as deep shape drawing, high strength steel,aluminum panel.

Company Profile

Executives Chairman of the Board of Directors : Koichi Suzuki
President, Member of the Board of Directors : Masao Suzuki
Executive Managing Director and Plant Manager :  Tsunemasa Suzuki
Director : Nobuko Suzuki
Established April ,1956
Number of Employees 160
Address 90-1 Yodabashi,Fuji City,Shizuoka Prefecture 417-0002, Japan
TEL +81-545-51-5211
FAX +81-545-51-6050
  • Large size of Press Die(Transfer/Progressive/Tandem)
  • Thermofoming die
  • Many kinds of Jigs development and making
  • Special Purpose Machine

Facilities Introduction

CAE/CAD team
3D tool design,Forming Simulation
process simulation guarantees high performance tools.

5-Axis Milling Machining
High precision and high capacity machines
promise your satisfaction.

2500Ton Mechanical Press
Our own technology is built into every tool during comitioning activities.
Tools at this moment becomes a "Made-in-Japan"brand by expert toolmaker's hand.

2000Ton Mechanical Press
Our tryout press capacity support all of customers satisfaction.
Tools will be guaranteed high performance after testing run for brushing up through each quality loops.

Product Introduction

Draw Die

This tools makes the large size and deep shape of the automobile parts.
We provide tools ,this kinds of Class A parts by our high technology.

Body side outer

Products produced from our tools that enable composit dies bring many benefits to users.

Trimming Die/Bending die

As the line dies, we are creating composite dies as well.
Minimizing the number of dies processes has been supported by many users after a long period of mass production.

Advanced material

We work on development that contributes to the die of advanced materials, and weight reduction of automobile bodies,and realize new technologies based on various poposals.