MARUSUN INC. OHGAKI FACTORY is engaged in the manufacture of dies in two fields.
The first is dies for interior and exterior parts of automobiles.
We provide not only thermoforming and cooling molds, trim molds, but also simultaneous thermal and cold forming trim molds, crimp molding of different materials, parts terminal treatment and parts assembly jigs, and various specialized machines. Second, in the area of press molds, we specialize in thick plate parts(chassis and underbody parts of automobiles), high-tension parts(body part), deep-drawn parts(fuel tank oil pan), and aluminum and stainless steel parts.
Combining these two types of die technology, we offer customers not only die manufacturing but also new parts design and engineering of production methods.

Company Profile

Executives Chairman of the Board of Directors : Koichi Suzuki
President, Member of the Board of Directors : Masao Suzuki
Director and Plant Manager : Naoki Harakawa
Established June ,1970
Number of Employees 80
Address 3-46 Asanishi,Ogaki City,Gifu Prefecture 503-0945, Japan
TEL +81-584-89-1651
FAX +81-584-89-6834
  • Press Die(Transfer/Progressive/Tandem)
  • Thermofoming die
  • Trim die for resin
  • Vacuum forming die
  • Resin forming die
  • Jig / Special Purpose Machine

Facilities Introduction

J-STAMP [JSOL Corporation]
AutoForm [AutoForm Engineering GmbH]

5-Axis Machining center(gate type)
Table Size 4,800 x 2,500
[Okuma Corporation]

1000Ton Mechanical Press
[Hitachi Zosen Fukui Corporation]

3D measuring machine WLS400
[Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence]

Product Introduction

Thermoforming die

Cooling forming die

Triming die

High tension parts/Deep drawn parts/Aluminum parts