SURUGA ENGINEERING INC., is the only resin mold manufacturer in the group.
Our company handles large to small molds and specialized machines / inspection jigs, and the molds cover a wide range, such as automobile interior / exterior parts, rail cars, aviation, housing equipment, and home appliances.
We are a comprehensive mold maker that covers all fields of INJ type / SPM type / SMC type / various molding types related to thermoplastic and thermosetting resins.
In recent years, we have also been focusing on the development of CFRTP hybrid molding.
We aim to make molds that will be appreciated by customers around the world.

Company Profile

Executives Chairman of the Board of Directors : Koichi Suzuki
President, Member of the Board of Directors : Masao Suzuki
Executive Managing Director : Tsunemasa Suzuki
Director  : Nobuko Suzuki
Consultant : Minoru Yamashita
Established September ,1966
Number of Employees 81
Address 652-1 Imaizumi hananoki,Fuji City,Shizuoka Prefecture 417-0001, Japan
TEL +81-545-51-5221
FAX +81-545-53-1396
  • Injection mold
  • FRP mold
  • SPM/ISM mold
  • Compression mold
  • Various resin mold&dies
  • Prototype molding

Facilities Introduction

Electric discharge machine
[Makino Milling MaCHIneCo, Ltd]

Horizontal machining center
[Makino Milling MaCHIneCo, Ltd]

1500Ton Hydraulic press
[Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd]

3500Ton Injection molding machine
[Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd]

Product Introduction

Door Trim Mold

Door Trim Product

Bumper Mold

Bumper Product