Our company manufactures dies for automobiles as well as machine tool parts, industrial machine parts, electronic device manufacturing related, jig tools related materials We also provide integrated production of prototypes, single items to mass-produced materials, can manufacturing, machining, painting, heat treatment, plating, and polishing We have multiple machines, and we aim to be a company that satisfies our customers with QCDS [quality, price, delivery and response]

Company Profile

Executives Chairman of the Board of Directors : Koichi Suzuki
President, Member of the Board of Directors : Masao Suzuki
Director : Tsunemasa Suzuki
Director : Nobuko Suzuki
Established August ,1962
Number of Employees 33
Address 649-2 Imaizumi Hananoki,Fuji City,Shizuoka Prefecture 417-0001, Japan
TEL +81-545-51-5225
FAX +81-545-53-3050
  • Machining
  • Car press mold/Resin mold
  • Machine tool parts
  • Industrial machine parts
  • Electronic device parts
  • Jigs and tools

Facilities Introduction

horizontal machining MCC2513
[Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd]

5-Axis Machining center MCR-BⅢ
[Okuma Corporation]

Product Introduction

Car press mold

Electronic device parts Material(SS400)【Linear Motion Guide  precision(Within 0.01 mm)】

CFRP Mold Material(Aluminum A5052)【size(67.86×112.77×4000) 6-sided processing】

Industrial machine parts Material(casting FC300)【processing (T slot , Top Polishing)】